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MyBundle.TV is here to help you navigate the changing TV world by simplifying and customizing the process. Based on your preferences, our algorithm will figure out which streaming service with Live TV is best for you, making the transition to streaming TV as seamless as can be. These streaming TV services include the live TV channels/content you are used to without out all the fluff you don't want (they also eliminate the fees your cable company piles on!)

The core streaming services with live tv include:
Hulu Live, Sling TV, Youtube TV, Vidgo, AT&T TV Now, fubo TV, Philo and Frndly TV.

We will mix and match these services with other services that either include the specific content you are looking for or are replacement options to save more money and still get the type of content you want.

We've also launched our Streaming Marketplace to help you find new streaming services whether you decide to keep your cable TV or never had in the first place.  Filter and Browse to fine streaming services for every taste.

We look forward to improving every facet of the site and really appreciate any feedback you have!

Happy Streaming!

Jason Cohen, Co-Founder
Danny Cohen, Co-Founder


Cord Cutting (a.k.a. Getting Rid of Your Cable/Satelite TV):

  • What is cord cutting?
    As you may have heard, no longer is your cable/satellite company the only way to get great TV shows or movies. As Smart TVs and Netflix have exploded in popularity, more and more content is now available outside of the traditional cable/satellite bundle. All you need is an internet connection and a streaming device to get the Live TV channels you love, reruns On-Demand, and even brand new content from new streaming services you never heard of! Additionally, a Digital Antenna can be used to pickup Broadcast Networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX for free.
  • Wait a second, what's a Smart TV or Streaming device? Do I have one?
    If you've purchased a TV in the last few years it most likely has the ability to stream many of the services available. If you are interested in having access to a broader set of Streaming services, or have an older TV, then Roku, Amazon, Google and others all sell affordable Streaming Devices that turn almost any TV into a Smart TV and offer an easier interface to watch your favorite shows. You can either connect the TV or Streaming device to your Wi-Fi network or often right into a modem.
  • Can I really get the same channels I watch now without the set top boxes or huge cable bill?
    Yes you can! There are many Live TV streaming options available today, but they each have their own channel lineup and features which makes this whole process pretty confusing. That's why we built MyBundle.TV to help you find which one is best for you! Not only will we help you figure out which service has the channels you want, we will also recommend replacement options for channels that may allow you to choose a smaller bundle and save even more money.
  • O.K. So I have a Smart TV and you will help me find the right streaming service, can I cancel cable right now?
    You can get rid of your current video package and return your cable boxes tomorrow but you're still going to need internet service to access all these great new services. One thing you should consider when getting ready to get rid of cable is how much your internet costs will be relative to your total cable bill. We encourage you to see if other internet service providers are in your area to give you more choice (and lower prices.)

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